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This article is designed to assist people assess the help which is available to them and to read about the various debt solutions, and decide which is appropriate for them.

 Help For People With Debt Problems

This last year has been very hard for households and families up and down the land. The instances of debt problems are now on a marked increase and people all over the country are struggling.

Some people will try to get advice from local debt charities whilst others will seek help from Citizens advice. For many there will be too long a wait for this advice or there will not be enough resource to deal with everybody.

 Help With Debt advisors aim to fill that gap. They are always available on the telephone to provide advice and assistance for the people.

 Debt Solutions For Andover residents

Help with debt advisors always offer free telephone advice and our solutions will be those that are right for you.

IVA – The IVA is well used alternative to bankruptcy which was brought in 1986. The IVA allows a person to propose a settlement to those he owes money to.  It is based upon what he can afford not what he is obliged to pay. The IVA once accepted binds all parties irrespective of whether they voted in favour of it or not and prevents any further action such as bankruptcy.. In most cases an IVA will last for 5 years. The IVA has had a bad press over recent years as too many companies sold them for profit and not because they were best advice. We only recommend and IVA where it suits you to have one.

Debt Management – A good Debt Management Plan will again allow someone to repay their debt at a rate they can afford for either a short time or for longer, as the situation determines. If your debt problem is temporary and your situation is likely to improve then a debt management plan could be the best solution. It should be noted that while the debt management company will attempt to get the creditor to cease interest and charges, these may continue thereby increasing the debt level over a period of time. A Debt Management company will tell you that they can reduce your debt payments and they will deal with your creditors for you. Most debt management companies will charge you anything from 15% to 20% of the amount you pay to your creditors as a fee. This is pretty standard for the industry.

Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy is an option for any individual who cannot pay their debts “as and when they fall due”. The Bankruptcy proceeding has two aims; To free the individual from the pressures of creditors (people they owe money to) to enable him or her to make a fresh start. To ensure that all assets (such as property and investments) are distributed fairly among the creditors. Bankruptcy proceedings will free you from the burden of overwhelming debt. The decision to apply for bankruptcy is a serious decision to make, and our expert advisors will give you free advice to guide you to make the right choice.